OUR exclusive article on Thursday revealing new bus gates at two more Glasgow city centre sites continue to spark debate.

Here is a selection of comments

Bus gates are right move

As well as the planned bus gates in Oswald Street and Union Street, I think the bottom end of Hope Street between Argyle Street and Waterloo Street should also be for bus, taxi and cycles only. The area is used for illegal parking on a daily basis and City Parking staff refuse to move these vehicles.

I have contacted the department on numerous occasions and supplied photographs of cars parked on double yellow lines and its employees still refuse to do anything. There seems tyo be no concern about safety for pedestrians and other motorists.

B Sweeney, via email

Shoppers won’t care

It won’t affect too many shoppers because most people have already opted not to shop

in the city centre in favour of places such as Silverburn and Braehead.

The city centre hasn’t been a shopping destination for years.

Johnstone Smyth, posted online

Station drop-off woe

This is small-time thinking. If people are unable to drop passengers off in Union

Street so they can go into Central Station then more will take cars rather than

travel by trains, which are already over-priced for longer journeys, so increasing pollution even more. So much for

a green policy.

Donald Cook, posted online

Buses are the problem

What a joke. It’s these huge buses that

are killing people in the city centre with their toxic diesel fumes.

Ban diesel buses and cars from the city centre.

Gerry McGonigle, posted online

Give cars priority

Car drivers should have priority considering the all the tax they have to pay.

It should be buses that are diverted. leaving car-only roads.

Ryan Bowman, posted online