It's time for the second day of Glasgow's Summer Sessions - and fans are gearing up to spend some sweet, sweet time with the Foo Fighters.

But while The Cure's performance last night enjoyed some nice weather, music lovers may not be so lucky tonight.

Organisers are warning fans to bring wellies and protective clothing, after last night's gig left Bellahouston Park in quite the muddy state.

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They say they have laid down hay on the ground and installed extra walkways, but are urging attendees to bring their own protective gear.

Here's a look at tonight's forecast hour-by-hour:

2pm - Gates open

Gates open slightly earlier today, and fans are being allowed to enter the site from 2.30pm onwards. 

The weather looks to be pretty lovely, with the sun breaking out of the clouds early in the afternoon. However, there is a 30% chance of rain, so you could potentially be caught in a shower or two.

3pm - Hot Milk

The first act of Saturday takes to the stage at 3.35pm, and the weather looks much the same as the previous hour. Rain chances are still at 30%, so make sure you wrap up.

4pm - The Van T's

The Van T's will take over Summer Sessions from 4.35pm, and it looks like we could be getting a break from the rain. The forecast is showing quite a bit of cloud, but thankfully the chance of rain has dropped to 10%.

5pm - Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes

While the third act of the night perform, the sun may just come out! It looks like it'll still be cloudy, but there is a minimal chance of rain and temperatures should be sitting at around 18C.

6pm - Slaves

It's the calm before the storm... Slaves will begin performing at 6.45pm, and enjoy some pretty chilled weather - low chances of rain, and temperatures continuing to average 17.5C.


While fans continue to enjoy Slaves, the weather will remain consistent, with the only change being a slight dip in temperature to 16C.

8pm - Foo Fighters

...Oh no. This may be where Summer Sessions goes south this evening. As the main act takes to the stage, there could be a fair bout of rain, with chances again jumping up to 30%.


But this rain *should* end just as the sun sets at around 8.50pm. This does mean the ground will suffer, so head the warning of organisers - pack your wellies!

For the remainder of the night, temperatures will stick around 15C and the chance of rain will remain at less than 5%, so you could be in luck on the route home.