A fight between rival football fans outside the National Stadium in Honduras has left four people dead and led to the suspension of the game.

The violence began when fans of the Olimpia team threw stones at a bus carrying Motagua players to the stadium in the capital Tegucigalpa, breaking windows and injuring three players.

Former Celtic player Emilio Izaguirre, a Honduran national, sustained a cut near an eye. Paraguayan Roberto Moreira and Argentine Jonathan Rougier were also injured.

The National League and police then suspended the game.

Fans flee from tear gas fired by police
Fans flee from tear gas fired by police (Victor Colindres/La Tribunal/AP)

A fight broke out between fans, with fists flying and gunfire heard. Police used tear gas to disperse the crowd, which took the fight inside the stadium as well.

Hospital spokeswoman Juliette Chavarría said three spectators died on Saturday, and a fourth died on Sunday. Four of the injured have been released from hospital, while three more are in stable condition.

Police spokesman Jair Meza said officers arrested a suspect with guns who allegedly participated in the fight.

Injured fans on the pitch
Injured fans on the pitch (Victor Colindres/La Tribunal/AP)

The stadium will be closed until further notice. The National League did not set a new date for the game to be played.

“We regret these situations and I call on the fans of Olimpia and other teams in the National League to avoid performing these acts which damage soccer,” said Olimpia president Rafael Villeda.

Fans of Motagua and Olimpia have been involved in deadly clashes in the past.