OUR story last week on a ban on cars at school gates in Glasgow sparked many comments. Here’s a selection...

School gates car ban

I OFTEN drop my granddaughter off at her primary and I am shocked at the amount of parents who totally ignore the yellow lines clearly saying no parking.

It’s the same culprits every time, i.e. young females with their Botox lips in powerful cars who don’t hold back if you dare to point out that they should not be parked there and taxi drivers.

I have raised it with the school but they say they can’t do anything and it’s a police matter however, I have yet to see any police presence in the three years since my granddaughter started school. No doubt some sort of action will only take place when a poor child is run over or, God forbid, killed.

Brian MacLean, posted online

It won’t last

Once the police presence has gone things will just go back to the way they were.

Anne McCurley, posted online

Priorities are wrong

Police ignore calls about kids on the roofs of schools but if there’s a car involved we get this.

George Walker, posted online

We need it here

I WISH the council would roll this ban out in East Dunbartonshire.

Despite repeated emails to St Helen’s Primary School on Westercleddens Road in Bishopbriggs and messages on newsletters etc, parents ignore the request and make the main road and housing estate opposite treacherous for pupils walking to school.

Private parking spaces are either filled or blocked, bollards in spaces are broken and residents are verbally abused. But, at least it saves parents having to walk a couple of minutes to take their bundles of joy to school.

Frustrated resident, via email