Glasgow’s biggest bus company is putting fares up again next month.

Single and return fares bought on First Bus are increasing along with most adult weekly and monthly tickets.

First Glasgow said it needs to put fares up to provide “the highest level of services”.

Adult singles in the city will rise from £1.65 to £1.70 and from £2.40 to £2.50.

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It said the cheapest ticket will still be on the mobile app but most will still increase on September 1.

The cheapest day ticket will rise from £4.40 to £4.60 and a weekly from £16.50 to £17.

The four week ticket will rise from £52 to £53 and the flexi 5 ticket from £10.50 to £11.

First said it has frozen family tickets and for students and under 19s.

Child fares will also go up from £1.50 to £1.60 per day and from£7.50 to £7.80 for a weekly ticket.

A four week will rise from £25 to £26.

Graeme Macfarlan, Commercial Director at First Glasgow, said: “These changes are essential to allow us to continue to operate the highest level of service possible for our customers. We have worked hard to keep any increases to a minimum and continue to offer customers the cheapest fares via mTickets purchased on the First Bus App.

“Our focus on encouraging more customers to purchase mTickets will continue, as this helps improve journey times and punctuality, which are all factors that we know are vital to customers.”