A group of residents have banded together and hit out at posts on social media surrounding a boy who suffered an electric shock at a Glasgow railway.

Locals and community group No1seems2care have slammed social media speculation suggesting the 12-year-old, who is currently fighting for his life in hospital, is to blame for the incident.

We reported earlier that the schoolboy was left in critical condition after the horrific event near Ashgill Road, where he came into contact with overhead powerlines.

One neighbour reported seeing a 'jet of flames' on the railway bridge where the boy and his friend had been standing.

And now, Facebook users have jumped to the defense of the 12-year-old after cruel posts suggested he was at fault.

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They say the local community have been left traumatised, and they will continue to defend 'one of their own'.

Posting on the page No1seems2care, they wrote: "We have a 12-year-old local boy in a critical condition. His friend will be traumatised, families are traumatised and local people that were first to attend to help are traumatised, one local lady can't stop crying.

"If one more wannabe "train expert" that works for this Railway Company comments on this page inferring these kids were at fault - we will publicly call you out and name and shame you.

"You guys were not there, this investigation is just starting and there are many different possibilities and explanations.

"How dare you come on this page without witnessing this incident, having no local knowledge or having any factual evidence (the official investigation is just beginning) and try to blame our kids, one of them in a critical condition fighting for his life.

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"This wee boy is one of our own and can't defend himself, nor can his family as they will be at his bedside but we are happy to fight their corner.

"What kind of wannabe "train expert" offer such hypothesis on a public page and then claim they are "facts" without any evidence.

"We will accept the evidence and findings of the official investigation when it's concluded, but until then we will defend the kids in our community."