Pension age rise

So I’m over 50 nearing 60 with numerous life skills in my career and find it hard that the positive reason given to raise the pension working age is twisted to say “working longer creates well being and improves health and increases retirement savings”. Hmmm.

Probably more than half of us wouldn’t be living a fit enough life in tomorrow’s society due to age and past work-related environments to even spend any savings! Like Russia? These so-called ‘ think tanks’ should keep it to themselves!

Richard McColl, East Kilbride

Bus gate plan

The city is a busy place but introducing more bus lanes will cause many problems for all private car users.

If we want to limit the number of cars coming into the city centre we need better public transport from outside car parks by creating four large park-and-ride hubs.

Many of the major cities in the UK have done so and work well, take York for instance. Shops will need to introduce better delivery methods like delivering to one of these car parks where a collection point could be introduced We need more planning done.

Tony Kapelko, Bellshill

Good on the council for this latest bus gate move. First Bus is already putting cleaner buses on and the gates will help buses be on time. Only concern is that these will force the cyclists to use the pavements more.

Don, Glasgow

‘Lazy’ parents

Parents seems to think they have a God-given right to do what they want, when they want when it comes to their kids.

If you want to be lazy and take your kids to school by car, fair enough. But to then be so lazy that you can’t park your car a few hundred metres away and walk the rest is a joke. With the obesity epidemic in this country, parents should be walking their kids to school and back again for a bit of exercise. If that means getting out your bed 15 minutes earlier, so be it.

John James, posted online