CLEVER crooks have installed sophisticated 'cash traps' in the city's West End. 

Police in Glasgow's North West division are investigating the problem and confirmed that they received reports of cash traps being found in cash machines in the Dumbarton Road area.

The force provided no further details on where the devices have been found. It is not known how many victims fell foul to the con. 

Cash trapping is one of several types of ATM fraud. It involves criminals tampering with an ATM to prevent money from being dispensed to customers. The device makes it appear as if the machine had simply gone out of service. The criminals then later return to collect the cash that had been trapped in the machine.

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A force spokesman said: "We have had reports of 'cash traps' being found on cash machines in the Dumbarton Road area.

"Enquiries are ongoing in relation to this.

"We would take this opportunity to remind all persons to be extra vigilant when using cash machines and to report any suspicious activity."