Caring for the planet

What a depressing and negative letter from William Boyd (Wednesday) with scathing remarks on folk fighting for an improved environment.

Doesn’t he want to leave the world in a better place for future generations? That is why people will continue to fight for measures to improve the quality of life on the planet.

Yes, there are mistakes and contradictions, but the end goal should have the support of everyone who really cares about the planet.

MA, Glasgow

What a waste of space

Did anyone else find the news the other night about the space flights for the rich extraordinarily sickening?

Here we have billionaires spending hundreds of millions of pounds on their little pet projects so that the super rich can waste £200,000 for a 90-minute flight in space!

A great two-fingered gesture to children living in poverty, the homeless, austerity etc.

In the 21st century we still have not worked out how to live as community of justice and equality.

We still allow some to become super rich and take a huge share of the pot at the expense of the rest of us.

B McKenna, Dumbarton

Sauchiehall Street woe

WITH regards Catriona Stewart’s column on Tuesday in the Evening Times – I think the council is letting the former BHS department store rot on purpose so it can turn it into something new.

It just don’t have the guts to say.

Selling the land to developers for student accommodation, a financial district and new homes is its futuristic vision.

Carol Daly, posted online

Business rates drying up

The sure thing that Catriona Stewart

fails to mention is that the days of local government receiving significant funds through Business Rates are over and this is a problem stretching far beyond the High Street as a hub of social and economic life.

Social enterprises and residential pay no rates, offices pay significantly less than shops. A remodelled High Street may happen but the economic cost will be vast.

John McDermott, posted online