Bistro Farmhouse Paté £5.95

Breaded mushrooms £5.95


Caledonian Chicken £13.95

Filetto Alla Griglia £21.95


Red wine glass x 4 £16

Total: £63.80

THE end of another tough week had arrived and I was keen to kick back and relax after a run of night time stakeouts.

As I finally settled down and reached for the decanter, my plans came to a shuddering end.

“Up you get. You promised me a date night and I’m cashing in that promise,”

the Moll insisted.

As I began stretching my arms and yawning, I could feel her eyes burning a hole in

my head.

“Move. Now,” she demanded bluntly.

Before I knew it, I was being dragged out and thrown into the Buick.

We sped through the city and into Rutherglen, where we came across a cosy little place called The Bistro.

As we walked in, we were met by a smiling waitress who showed us to our table and handed us the menu.

Before we knew it, we were diving straight in and ordering.

For her starter, Goldilocks went for the Bistro Farmhouse Pate, which came with red onion chutney, salad and a substantial portion of toast. The paté was smooth, flavoursome and went beautifully with the sweet chutney.

I initially chose the baked stuffed mushrooms but had to settle for the simpler version – the breaded mushrooms – after being told that they were out of my first choice. It was disappointing but I soon got over that when I started tucking into the dish. The mushrooms were cooked to perfection and came with a lovely garlic mayonnaise dip and salad.

The main courses were more straight-forward, with the Moll plumping for the Caledonian Chicken, which came served on clapshot potatoes with haggis, and in a rich whisky and cream sauce. The chicken was tender and tasted great alongside the haggis and the potatoes, and while the sauce was full of flavour, there was slightly too much of it.

I went for the Filetto Alla Griglia, which was a 10oz Aberdeen Angus fillet steak served with hand-cut chips and peppercorn sauce. The thick, tender cut of steak was served medium, was nicely seasoned and cut away effortlessly. It was bursting with flavour. The chips were crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside and the peppercorn sauce was very tasty. It was a delicious main.

Overall, our trip to The Bistro was good, although I couldn’t help feeling let down by the fact I wasn’t able to get my first choice of starter. The quality of the food served, however, was great, and the service was good.