PODCASTER James English has said he plans to make another documentary on the controversial BBC hit The Scheme - only he will show what happened to the characters after.

The Possilpark-born personality, who has become a hit with his Anything Goes Show, made the declaration following an interview with the TV series star Marvin Baird.

In a statement on social media, former reality star James said: "I can now confirm I will be doing the follow up to the scheme.

"Life after the scheme coming soon."

The Glasgow star did not reveal if anyone else was involved in the production or what it would entail.

His announcement, however, prompted concern from those living in the Kilmarnock schemes of Onthank and Knockinlaw who were worried about how the area would be portrayed.

Glasgow Times:

In a follow-up statement, James added: "A good few people from Kilmarnock have messaged me and seem concerned about me doing a follow up to the scheme and rightly so after the last tv series about it, but my work is not to embarrass anyone or make anyone look bad.

"This follow up will shock a few people but in a good way."

He added that it was time to put things straight.

The original BAFTA-award winning series was shown in 2010.