A DRIVER knocked down a woman crossing the road despite claiming to be driving “slowly."

Agha Dil, 47, of Ibrox, hit Una Heaney in Glasgow's Tradeston in January 2017.

Miss Heaney required hospital treatment as a result of the incident.

The 65 year-old needed stitches following injuries to her head and lip. She has been left scarred for life.

Dil's lawyer told Glasgow Sheriff Court what happened was “unfortunate”.

Calum Weir, defending, added: “He had been temporarily blinded by the bright sunshine reflecting of the damp road.

“As soon as he became aware of Miss Heaney, he took evasive action.

“He was travelling slowly at the time – so slowly that pedestrians were able to follow his vehicle by foot (after the collision).”

But, Sheriff Paul Crozier commented: “He was driving so slowly, yet still strikes someone at a pedestrian crossing?”

Dil pleaded guilty to a charge of careless driving.

Sheriff Crozier fined him £375 and put six points on his licence.