A Glasgow influencer has been slammed online after allegedly using the Amazon rainforest crisis to promote gifted clothes.

Sheri Scott, who runs the Forever Yours Betty blog, attracted online criticism after sharing a post about the wildfires in South America yesterday.

In a now-deleted Instagram post, Sheri branded the media's response to the crisis as 'shameful', and thanked different groups of people for doing 'their part to save the world'.

But the caption, which was posted underneath an image of Sheri clad in an orange suit with matching bag and boots, attracted comments from users on both Instagram and Twitter.

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Social media users claimed the blogger was using the crisis to promote gifted designer items worn in the accompanying picture after she used hashtags including '#outfitideas #orangehair' in the post.

She also noted her outfit had been gifted by brands including Specsavers, which coincides with laws issued by the Advertising Standards Authority.

The offending hashtags were removed, but users were quick to comment.

One said: "You changed that godawful caption. Good call."

Another commented: "Hey I appreciate the sentiment of what you’re saying but posting it with a picture of yourself with “gifted” products seems kind of shallow and undermines the importance of the point you’re making which I’m sure isn’t your intention!

"You look great but just wanted to make you aware of how it might come across."

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Responding to one commenter, Sheri admitted the hashtags were 'tone-deaf', and it was not her intention to offend anyone.

She wrote: "I removed my usual hashtags as I completely agree - using them was tone-deaf.

"I know where my intentions lie and never wanted to hurt or offend anyone - just bring attention to what’s going on and share something that resonated with me."

But not all those who commented were critical, and some applauded Sheri for highlighting the issue. 

One said:  "Well said! I can't believe we haven't heard more about it!"

And another thanked Sheri for her post.