Is it a bus? Is it a restaurant? Well - yes, it’s both, and it is coming to Glasgow next month.

The Bustourant, with eyecatching decoration by city artist Rogue One, is the brainchild of Queen’s Park chef and businessman Martin Wilson.

“I had the idea while I was working on luxury tourist cruises on the west coast of Scotland,” explains the 40-year-old.

“I wanted something that combined a sightseeing tour with good food, that would appeal to visitors who wanted to know a bit more about Scotland.

“We started it in Edinburgh for the Festival, and it has been great, so now we are extending it to Glasgow.”

Passengers on board can sample a six-course tasting menu or afternoon tea, while taking in the sights.

Martin hopes to run the tours every second weekend in Glasgow during the autumn and winter.

“It’s fun and I love it,” he says. “Not many chefs get to work in an environment like these - normally you are stuck away in a hot kitchen. This is work with a view.”

Martin grew up on the south side of Glasgow and left school to study accountancy and actuarial mathematics at university.

“I didn’t like it - I’d always loved cooking and food, so I decided to train at Edinburgh School of Food and Wine,” he explains. “I also spent a summer working in restaurants in the Swiss Alps, which was amazing.”

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Martin and his partner Aga, who also helps out on board, are hoping the Glasgow tours will start mid-September.

“We haven’t revealed details of the Glasgow route yet - we are hoping it will have a real wow factor,” says Martin.

Turning a second-hand bus into a restaurant was not an easy task.

“I had no idea how hard it would be,” he admits. “Opening a restaurant is hard enough, but when you are trying to do it on a double decker bus, it comes with a whole new pile of issues. It took about a year and it was fraught with problems, but it’s worth it.”

During a spell working with Glasgow’s mysterious restaurant pop-up Section 33, Martin met Bob McNamara, better known as street artist Rogue One. His incredible murals decorate many tenement gable ends and city walls throughout Glasgow.

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“I asked Bob if he would do the bus, and I was delighted when he agreed,” says Martin.

“It looks amazing - the Highland cow was his idea, and the Scottish scenery is fantastic. You’re not going to miss this bus out on the streets of Glasgow.”