A GLASGOW SNP councillor transferred £2,000 from a voluntary group to his partner without the "clear and unambiguous consent" of the board, according to the findings of an investigation.

The firm that examined Graham Campbell’s decision in 2013 to make a refund to Anne McLaughlin from the African and Caribbean Network (ACN) concluded that it was a “breach of trust”.

However, a source flatly denied the suggestion and insisted Campbell had received permission from the ACN board for the transaction.

The ACN was formed in 2005 to establish an African and Caribbean centre for cultural heritage, integration and social enterprise in Glasgow.

Campbell, who once stood for the Solidarity party, was appointed a director in 2010 and McLaughlin was a volunteer. He stopped being a director in 2014 and became an SNP councillor for Springburn/Robroyston two years later.

He is now running to be an SNP office bearer, having announced his intention to seek election as the BAME representative for the party last week.

Documents obtained by our sister title The Herald reveal that an internal row was followed by his departure from the ACN, which pre-dated his time as a councillor.

In 2013, the ACN commissioned a Glasgow-based chartered accountancy firm to investigate a complaint by Campbell against a fellow ACN figure, as well as a counter complaint against him.

According to the investigation report, one of the complaints was that Campbell allegedly transferred £2,000 to McLaughlin without board approval or supporting receipts.

It provided an abridged version of the complainant's account of the matter: “Graham should not have made a payment to a personally connected person without the consent of the Board.”

The report also included a summary of Campbell’s response: “Anne had paid out significant costs on behalf of the organisation in relation to events and needed to be paid. The receipts were checked by the Independent Examiner....and by members of the board.

“The Board has accepted formally that £1,500 was due and then Anne incurred further expenses. He acknowledged the potential conflict of interest but in the event made the payment because he genuinely felt that the monies were due.”

The conclusion stated: “A review of the cashbook and bank statements shows that the £2,000 was paid to Anne on 25 February 2013. Because of the personal relationship between Graham and Anne and the clear conflict of interest; Graham should not have made this payment without the clear and unambiguous consent of the Board.

“This is regarded as a serious matter because of the amount involved and the breach of trust.”

Campbell is listed as having resigned as a director of ACN in April 2014.

However, a source disputed the report's findings, and said: "At no point is the fact that Ms McLaughlin was owed more than the sum refunded under dispute. The accusation appears to be that the transaction was made without permission. This is not true.

"The payment was made in February 2013 with permission from the 2012/13 board. The accusation was issued by the board elected in May 2013. The chairman of the board at the time of the transaction subsequently wrote to the 2013/14 board expressing concern at the accusations and confirming that this had all been agreed at a board meeting.

"Indeed, Mr Campbell had delayed the payment by 7 months because he felt, in light of his personal relationship with Ms McLaughlin, it would be better if the charity’s treasurer made the transaction.

"The treasurer however, had gone AWOL and Anne was in need of the refund, several suppliers were requiring to be paid and with the permission of the chairperson of the board (who can verify this), Mr Campbell made the transactions. The composer of the report was aware of this but chose not to mention it."

The report includes claims by Campbell and McLaughlin that they were still owed money from the ACN, which was wound up in 2017.

McLaughlin was elected as the SNP MP for Glasgow North East in 2015 and hired Campbell. She lost her seat two years later.

A spokesperson for Campbell and McLaughlin said: "We have written off the money still owed to us and have no further comment to make."

Glasgow Tory councillor Thomas Kerr said: “These are clearly very serious allegations which need to be thoroughly investigated.

“If not, the public will lose trust not just in the SNP, but elected representatives in general.”