The 1975 are bringing a t-shirt recycling scheme to Glasgow's Summer Sessions tonight after a successful run at Reading Festival.

The four-piece group are set to take to the stage in front of thousands tonight at Bellahouston Park, and the weather appears to be holding up.

And now, in what appears to be a bid to save the environment, the band's record label has confirmed they are bringing a t-shirt recycling theme to the park.

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Music-lovers and festival-goers are asked to bring an old t-shirt to the grounds to have it printed over with funky The 1975 branding.

And the best thing? It doesn't have to be an old piece of the band's merchandise - it can be any old shirt!

They first rolled out the scheme at Reading Festival 2019 yesterday - and it looks like they can't wait to bring it to Glasgow.

Judging from pictures from yesterday's show, the shirts will be priced at £30.

So pack your shirts, Glasgow!