Transport system woes

I HAVE been watching many documentaries recently about how China is massively upgrading the country’s infrastructure, railways, roads and airports and the results are truly mind blowing.

In contrast, the UK’s infrastructure is largely inherited from the Victorian era. You have to ask: what is it about the British psyche that prevents long-term planning to ensure that future generations benefit from a totally integrated transport system that enables people to have a much better quality of life? Every new Government scraps much of the previous administration’s work and starts all over again. Education is a prime example.

The old ‘first past the post’ system of Government really needs to looked at again.

MA, Glasgow

Parking charge move

A TOWN badly needs shoppers to help bring it back to life and what do those fools in Inverclyde Council do – charge for parking.


Inverclyde Council want to remove free parking provision

What a shame as it’s really a great wee town but those in charge are more concerned about where the money is coming from to pay their pensions.

Jack Arthur, posted online

Silent disco praise

THE article in Monday’s Evening Times about the silent disco for people with dementia is a lovely story.


Silent disco brings respite to people living with dementia

It was great to read about the effect the music has on people.

Well done to Gillian for organising these sessions.

JW, Glasgow

Garden waste charges

I WAS surprised to read on the Evening Times website that residents in Inverclyde could be hit next year for the uplift of their garden waste.


Inverclyde plans to introduce garden waste uplift charge

What’s the council tax paying for then? This is a disgrace.

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