Glasgow's new Ivy restaurant has been given an enthusiastic welcome by city diners according to its staff.

Tables for the iconic restaurant and upstairs cocktail bar are said to be almost entirely booked out until December. 

The Ivy opened on July 29 at 106 Buchanan Street at the site of the former Nationwide Bank.

A member of staff said he had worked in London on other openings and that bookings tended to lesson slightly after the initial buzz but this had not been the case in Glasgow with 'almost everything' booked up until December.

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The Ivy boasts two onyx bars and a private dining room which seats 24 guests.

He said: "Maybe it is because Glasgow doesn't have a Michelin starred restaurant. You are getting the same feel here, with the silver teapots and the service and the fine dining."

Starters range from £5.95 (Garden pea soup) to £12.95 for the native lobster risotto dish while the most expensive dish is the rib-eye on the bone, 21 day aged, grass-fed steak, at £31.95.

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The Ivy brand celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2017. The original - a small cafe - was opened in 1917 on London's West Street by a young Italian, Abel Giandolini.

The celebrity era began in the late 1980s and early 1990s with Damien Hirst,Tracy Emin, the Beckhams, Emma Thompson, Kate Moss and the Oasis brothers all regulars.