Our article in last night’s Evening Times

on routes for the new bus gates

sparked many comments. Here’s a selection...

Changed days since I drove a bus in Glasgow.

It used to be hammer ’n’ tong. Against the time board. Now it’s 200 per cent stress/sweat free.

I was on bus recently from Union Street to Glasgow Cross. It took 14 minutes.

The bus crawled, sat at bus stops, then toddled on. This isn’t a one off.


New bus gates to reduce traffic in Glasgow city centre

As you can see First buses dawdling along streets everywhere every day. Also if you get First Bus from Airdrie town centre to Hairmyres Hospital in East Kilbride it takes two hours and 15 minutes. A journey that you can do in a car in 20 minutes if you are fortunate enough to drive.

If you don’t, it’s a packed lunch and shaving gear for your four hours and 30 minutes round-trip, plus time on your hospital visit.

Jim Murray, posted online

This new scheme is just another way of fleecing motorists, many of whom will fall into the council’s trap, incurring hefty fines.

In my opinion, it’s just another scam to swell the council’s coffers.

Donald Webster, posted online

What would be less confusing is to have an inner ring in the city centre where no private cars are allowed, rather than numerous bus gates which just cause confusion.

David Mackinnon, posted online

Glasgow City Council ruining Glasgow further.

Much still needs to be done to get drivers out of their cars and then on to public transport. The public transport links where I live are still really poor so I drive. There is no railway, it was shut in the 1980s.


List of roads to be resurfaced

Buses are one an hour to Glasgow and that’s it. No alternative but to use the car, and a clean petrol one too.

Andrew, posted online

BUSES are one of the biggest polluting offenders in the city centre – they use Union Street like a bus station, yet drivers will be punished for trying to get through the city centre and face massive penalties.

Drew Peacock, posted online