I HAVE been feeling a bit dangerous in the bedroom lately.

Don’t panic - I am talking about the decor.

Neutrals are great, but neutrals are safe. I’d say - never be frightened to experiment. (For every bold piece of decor you can always balance it with something neutral, say, in the furnishings or finishes, if you are a bit nervous about going the whole hog.)

Colour injects personality and it’s really important to work out which shades resonate with you - look in your wardrobe and note all the colours you naturally choose, then use that as your starting point. The question I always ask myself is -how do I want this room to feel?


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My bedroom was a blank canvas when we moved in, because it was a new build house.

It is the top floor of the town house, so it’s fairly large. I keep changing it, because it hasn’t been quite right.

I wanted it to look grand and luxurious but also, I was keen to create a retreat to relax, chill and rest. It was all neutral with silver and greys and it felt cold - I want my bedroom to be intimate and cosy.

The truth is, I got bored very quickly of the neutral look. (I don’t just throw away my items, I recycle them and pass them on to friends and family.)

I decided to opt for navy - my inspiration came from a hotel I visited in London.

It may not be to everyone’s taste, but I love the opulent hotel look.

Navy coupled with silver is a good match, but it still felt stark and cold, so I added warmth by introducing some gold. I know - gold and silver? Sounds like it will clash, but it didn’t, thankfully. I didn’t go overboard, and the small touches of gold seemed to work.


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I started small - a navy candle and some gold frames (Next), and gorgeous navy and silver cushions (No18 Interiors). Finding navy cushions was surprisingly hard - it has taken me three months. I started to feel bolder, and introduced navy paint on two accent walls (Stiff Key Blue from Farrow & Ball).

I’m really pleased with the end result - it’s warm and welcoming, but elegant and contemporary. Being bold in the bedroom paid off....

MUST HAVE BUY: As winter approaches, the wait at the kettle in the morning just feels longer. This is why I LOVE the wi-fi smart-enabled and voice-controlled kettle from Amazon (£129.99) Just wake up, ask Alexa or tap into your phone that you’d really like the kettle on, and it will all happen before you leap out of bed. Bliss.

CLEANING HACK OF THE WEEK: A multipurpose cleaner is great - my current one of choice is Zoflora, a three-in-one antibacterial product, widely available. I use a capful in my toilet brush, wash down my radiators with a diluted solution, place cotton wool balls soaked in Zoflora in my radiator crevices, spritz my cushions, bedding and rugs with a diluted solution, and even add a capful to my washing machine. You can also use a sheet of kitchen roll soaked in non-diluted Zoflora to freshen up your bin, and in the evenings, I soak cloths in a solution and hot water. The kitchen has an amazing fresh smell as a result. My favourite scents are clean cotton and mandarin and lime. Visit my instagram @homeismyhaven for a full post on Zoflora uses.