ONE of our best known Glaswasians, Sanjeev Kohli is an actor, comedian, TV presenter, writer and talk show host - as well as one of the most recognisable ‘pensioners’ in the city.

Could he be your number one Glaswegian?

Actor Sanjeev Kohli is a leading light of the Scottish comedy scene and a well-kent face in Glasgow where he grew up, studied and carved out his successful career.

After gaining a first class degree in mathematics from Glasgow University, he turned to radio comedy writing and acting.

He is also a former presenter of the BBC’s Asian Network but he is undoubtedly best known as shopkeeper Navid in long-running sitcom Still Game.

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Over the summer we are revealing the names of 100 men and women who have put the city on the map through sport, science, politics, the arts and more. Most were born here, some moved here to work or study and have since made the city their own, opening the eyes of others around the world to its strengths and successes; and others have made such an impact on Glasgow that, despite having been born elsewhere, they are inextricably linked with the city, its people, culture and ideals.

Once all 100 have been announced, we will be opening our list up to a public vote.

Sharleen Spiteri, singer, songwriter and musician with global superband Texas, is a native of Finnieston, where she grew up before her family moved to Balloch.

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As a teenage hairdresser for city stylists Irvine Rusk, she decided to pack it in and head for London. More than 30 years and many millions of album sales later, Texas are still at the top of their game, with fans all over the world.

Find out who else is in the running at Two more contenders will be revealed tomorrow.