Clean up Glasgow

Whilst I agree with Glasgow City Council leader Susan Aitken on the positive developments at site such as Sighthill etc, perhaps she can explain why areas where I live in Barmulloch/Balornock, have their street drains, gutters and pavements covered in weeds? Has preventative maintenance been abandoned?

If so, that is very short-sighted thinking as it only builds up future problems. You wouldn’t neglect your home like this. Let’s get Glasgow cleaned up, Councillor Aitken.

MA, Glasgow

New bus gate issues

I PRESUME the powers that be are aware of the building construction work going on in York Street, which is down to one lane,with the attendant HGV lorries very often blocking the street for short periods of time?

Just wait for all the extra pollution from idling cars and goods vehicles.


Bus gate escape route for cars is down narrow city centre lane

Bus gates will speed up buses? I think not. Generate fines income? You bet.

Stuart Cunninghame, via email

Streets are a mess

Has anyone actually had a good look around Glasgow recently.

It’s like something from the early 80s, litter everywhere, grass grossly overgrown in green public spaces.


Glasgow's council accused of hypocrisy over threat to South Side trees

I had a drive past Hogganfield Loch yesterday, what an absolute mess. The council don’t care about people, why do you think they would care about trees. They say they can’t afford it but how come their workers can park up their vans and sleep, with lawnmowers sitting in the back of the van? It’s shocking.

Stewie Griffin, posted online

Black smog woe

Nothing worse than standing at a city street corner waiting to cross when a bus or Hackney taxi pulls away blasting out black smog that chokes the life out of you. They are the major problem – far to many of them sit ticking over idle as well.

Jack Arthur, posted online