BORIS Johnson is facing street protests and a legal challenge over his plan to suspend Parliament to prevent MPs stopping a no deal Brexit.

A protest took place last night in George Square, while more people are expected to attend at another in the square on Saturday as protests are organised across the UK.

Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, will also be in Glasgow tomorrow at a Labour rally in Springburn against a no deal Brexit.

A ‘Do not prorogue Parliament’ petition has also attracted 1.5m signatures including around 20,000 in Glasgow.

Paul Sweeney Labour Glasgow North East MP encouraged people to attend.

He said: “The future of our democracy is now at stake. Join Jeremy Corbyn in Springburn on Saturday morning to rally against this attempted coup by Boris Johnson, and to resist a ‘no-deal’ Brexit.

“It is time to take these dangerous Tories out of government.”

Meanwhile a legal bid seeking to prevent parliament being suspended next month has begun at the Court of Session in Edinburgh.

A cross-party group of around 70 MPs and Lords are backing the action after beginning a legal move earlier in the summer when they filed a petition aiming to stop Mr Johnson being able to prorogue Parliament.

They are now seeking an interim interdict, which would stop the Prime Minister taking the option of suspension until a final decision has been made on the case.

The challenge to Mr Johnson come as Ruth Davidson quit as Scottish Tory leader after eight years.

Ms Davidson cited family pressures but noted “conflict” over Brexit in her resignation letter.

However, after giving birth to her son Finn last year she said that the thought of a general election then the Scottish elections taking her away from home for months “filled her with dread”.

She said: “I have to be honest that where the idea of getting on the road to fight two elections in 20 months would once have fired me up, the threat of spending hundreds of hours away from my home and family now fills me with dread. That is no way to lead.”

She added: “The arrival of my son means I now make a different choice.”

The Tories will now look to start the process to elect a new Scottish leader.