A TAXI driver who punched a female passenger, who was kicking the outside of his vehicle, has been suspended from driving for six months.

Kenneth Clark picked the woman up outside Glasgow Central Station who asked to be taken to the bank. On realising the driver was going to the wrong branch the woman became aggressive and started spitting at the visor.

Mr Clark stopped the vehicle and the woman got out and started punching and kicking the car before attacking her driver.

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Clark, who retaliated in self defence, was brought before the licensing committee this week to explain himself.

He said: “I recall this incident. The woman said she was going to Santander and I assumed she meant the branch on St Vincent Street.

“She then told me it was the one in Springburn and informed me that I was going the wrong way.

“I started to make a U-turn on the road but the passenger became aggressive . She exited the vehicle and started kicking my car. I got out the car and asked her to stop before getting back inside.

“She continued to punch the vehicle so I got back out to try and stop her but she smashed my window and hit me on the face with a cable.

“I felt I had no other choice to defend myself so I retaliated. Three people had to retrain her."

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Members retired to watch video footage of the assault filmed by a member of the public.

After the viewing councillor John Kane said: “This video does not make for good watching. What would you do differently if a similar situation were to arise again?”

Mr Clark said: “I don’t think I could have done anything differently. I wanted to stop her from damaging my taxi.

“I pushed her away from the vehicle and she started hitting me. I don’t think anyone should be assaulted at work.”

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It then emerged from councillor Rhiannon Spear that Clark and another man grabbed the ladies handbag to stop her from leaving.

Councillor Spear said:”In the video I saw you and another man take the woman’s handbag to stop her from leaving the scene of the crime.

“I just don’t understand why you didn’t remove yourself from the situation and stay in your car until the police arrived.”

Following the discussions councillors suspended his licence.