A SECTARIAN charity has slammed 'morons' responsible for a sticker calling for the murder of Catholics which has appeared in the city's plush style mile. 

The offensive "Kill all Taigz" was put on a lamppost on Buchanan Street according to the Scottish Catholic Observer. Taig is a derogatory term used to refer to Irish Catholics.

It is understood that the sticker has since been removed by Glasgow City Council after it was spotted by Paul Davis who reported it. 

He told the publication: "When you actually see something as extreme as ‘kill all taigz’ in such a prominent place you think to yourself, ‘that’s absolutely appalling.’

“I walked past it at first, but then thought to get a picture of it. I saw maybe half a dozen people just walk by it who either didn’t notice or bother with it.

"It’s concerning that it was placed in such a busy place and no one picked up on it sooner."

Anti-sectarian charity Nil by Mouth, which was set up by Evening Times Scotswomen of the Year Cara Henderson,  hit out at those responsible 

Dave Scott, the charity's director, said: "It’s depressing that morons continue to make the city look bad by scrawling bigotry on our walls.

"I understand that the council prioritise removing this type of garbage and that’s the correct approach.

"It’s not art or a form of cultural expression: just plain hatred and ignorance. But clearing it is only half the battle.

"Sadly, Sectarianism is still part of day to day life in Glasgow and this rise in incidents of sectarian graffiti reflect very real tensions in the city over the past year or so."

A spokesman for Glasgow City Council said it had been removed and they try to remove all bigoted graffiti within two days.

He added: “This behaviour is not acceptable and we aim to remove sectarian graffiti within two days of it being reported.

“As for the sticker itself, the council is appalled by it. Those responsible should be utterly ashamed. There is absolutely no need for it in this day and age.”