Keep the statues

I THINK a good idea would be to keep the Oor Wullie statues that have been dotted all over the city and other places.

Set up a pay point to have a picture

taking with it, and donate all the money gathered towards children’s hospitals, schools, etc:

I am sure most people would donate to this and we would get to keep the statues, which my granddaughter has loved finding.

J Quinn, Cardross

Hotel news is a boost

This small hotel will be on the corner of Sauchiehall Street and Cambridge Street, which is great news for the area (Hotel plan revealed, Friday).

However, something has to be done about the recently vacated Greggs store and the other large area (the former Littlewoods store) that has been boarded up for a great many years.

This takes in the corner of Cambridge/Renfrew streets and is an eyesore.

Anne McCurley, posted online

Needles being dumped

I’m a mother whose son goes to Dunard Primary School and whose child plays in the playpark (Community hits outs over needles as one child is pricked, Friday).

I’ve lived in the area since I was a child. The needle exchange is fairly new and there was no issue before it opened.

It’s 30 seconds from the playpark. The needle exchange users hit up and drink all day in the park and when they are done they leave the needles, etc, there with no concern for children.

The needle exchange is bringing users in to the area and it is blatantly clear it would not be worse if it was moved.

It should be moved to an area that is not near a children’s playpark or primary school.

A Woods, posted online

Golf course closure

Another place of Scottish social entertainment closed by SNP police (Council-owned Ruchill golf course closed

by Glasgow Life over lack of staff concerns, Friday).

It won’t end until we have nowhere to gather.

George Oliver, posted online