A ROW over the future of a South Side green space has been resolved after a meeting between council bosses and residents.

As reported in the Evening Times last week, Glasgow

City Council planned to fell London plane trees in

Niddrie Square, saying the trees were unsafe and must be removed.

However, local residents objected to the plans, commissioning their own report, which said five of the trees were safe to remain.

Now council chiefs have agreed a way forward with locals that will include saving the five trees.

A coumncil spokesman said: “A constructive meeting was held with the community and a way forward has been agreed.

“It was accepted by all parties that a substantial majority of the trees in the square are in poor condition and will have to come down as a safety measure.

“Three trees currently

identified for felling will be reassessed and, if possible, a procedure known as crown reduction will be undertaken to make them safe.

“Careful monitoring of the subsequent health of those trees will be required as result of crown reduction.

“But it is hoped that five of the original trees will remain, as residents have requested.

“It was also agreed that

residents would look for consensus on potential future uses for the space and we will support residents with that effort.”

Green MSP Patrick Harvie had said the council’s decision to fell the trees was at cross-purposes with its recent declaration of a council emergency.

Mr Harvie had called for the council to work to save the trees.

The council had said there was no money to replace the trees that were coming down. It follows a recent £45,000

cut in the city’s budget for replacing lost trees,.

Local councillor Soryia Siddique said: “It is important the community is also consulted on their future vision for the green space.

“This can be beneficial

in improving quality of

life and tackling climate change.”

London polane trees can grow to more thanb 100ft high and live for several years.