TRNSMT boss Geoff Ellis has said he was unaware of any unhappiness with a bar tipping policy which saw staff nearly £6,000 following the festival. 

The concert organiser came under fire in July after it was revealed companies hired by the festival had decided to donate gratuities given to staff to charity. 

Politicians from across the city urged TRNSMT to ensure that staff tips were returned, with trade union Unite threatening legal action if demands were not met. 

Now, responding to one letter by a Glasgow MSP, Mr Ellis has said it is time to review policies such as this, with staff reportedly informed in advance of the procedure. 

However, when asked by the Evneing Times, the TRNSMT boss would not say whether the £5,769 gathered in tips would be returned or reimbursed after it was confirmed a donation had been made to Children's Hospice Association Scotland (CHAS). 

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Writing to Labour's James Kelly, Mr Ellis said: "It has been standard practice for bar staff not to take tips directly to avoid both fraud and the accusation of fraud. As you will appreciate, most bar staff at outdoor events are occasional casual employees rather than regular, known employees who will work in bars and restaurants. 

"I have spoken to the Directors of Central Fusion (bar contractors) and suggested that their policy should be reviewed, especially as we live in such difficuly economic times for young adults which I expect to only get worse with the current government's determination to lead the UK over a cliff edge with a no-deal Brexit. 

"I would like to reassure you that I do take your concerns seriously and I believe it is probably time to review these policies going forward. As the organiser of the event, we take the welfare of all our staff - whether directly or indirectly employed - seriously."

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Following the response, those who urged the festival to re-think the decision to withhold tips have shared their disappointment with Mr Ellis. 

James Kelly MSP said: “I am disappointed with the response from Geoff Ellis. He notes it is standard practice for bar staff not to take tips but this does not mean that it is good practice. Hard working bar staff have been treated with contempt.

Glasgow Times: Geoff EllisGeoff Ellis

“Mr Ellis comes across as overall dismissive of the concerns of staff who were brave enough to speak out and trying to blame the media is not a good look.

“The letter outlines that tips were instead donated to charities like CHAS. Whilst this is a worthwhile charity, the donations could instead come from the profits made from TRNSMT as opposed to the tips which have been given directly to staff.

“The way staff have been treated is unacceptable and staff should have been reimbursed fully for the amount of cash taken in as tips.

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“For future events, TRNSMT should look at investing in bar operators that treat workers fairly.”

Meanwhile, those representing workers have said they believe TRNSMT should meet with stakeholders to 'root out exploitation of young workers'. 

Unite Hospitality's Bryan Simpson said: "We welcome Geoff Ellis' committment that he will urge the director of Fusion events to change their policy on tips. 

Glasgow Times: James Kelly MSPJames Kelly MSP

"We hope that this will mean that workers will receive 100 per cent of the tips they worked hard for. 

"Mr Ellis is right to suggest Unite is on a recruitment drive - festival workers are flocking to Unite Hospitality because they are sick and tired of their mistreatment at the festivals he organises. 

"We would urge him to meet Unite and local politicians to discuss how we root out exploitation of young workers at festivals."

TRNSMT and Central Fusion were approached by Evening Times for comment.