Motorists were driving through the bus gates in Glasgow city centre on the first day of their operation.

Two new gates were live from 7am on Monday where Renfield Street becomes Union Street southbound at the junction with Gordon Street and at northbound Oswald Street at the junction with Midland Street.

At lunchtime in the space of just around 30 minutes the Evening Times witnessed dozens of cars driving through the bus gate and into Union Street.

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Several drivers appeared to notice at the last minute and turned left into Gordon Street but some were in the right-hand lane when they noticed and held up traffic as the had to cross lanes to escape the bus gate.

Others sailed through either ignoring the gate warning signs or unaware of its existence.

Large signs however, are in place at the junction with a red band across the road with Bus Gate written on the carriageway.

Early warning signs are in place on Renfield Street at the junction of St Vincent Street one block away, at West George Street, two blocks away and even at Bath Street, four blocks away.

Each warns of a bus gate ahead.

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Cars that had turned left into Gordon Street could also be seen turning right down Mitchell Street to turn left on to Argyle Street to escape the gate but most appeared to go left and back up West Nile Street.

Drivers who crossed the bus gate on the first day of the new road lay out will not face a fine as the council allows a period of grace before it begins enforcement action.

A spokesman for Glasgow City Council said officials were monitoring the operation of the new bus gates.

He said: The bus gates are operational and provides access only for authorised vehicles.

“The bus gates are being monitored and traffic surveys in the wider city centre are also being carried out.”