BORIS Johnson has said he will table a motion for a General Election.

The Prime Minister made the announcement after a day of political drama in which he suffered a defeat in the House of Commons in the first vote since he became Prime Minister.

MPs voted 328 to 301 take control of the Order Paper and attempt to change the law to prevent the UK leaving the EU with no deal.

The vote followed a heated debate in the House of Commons in which the Prime Minister urged MPs not to vote for the bill.

Boris Johnson said he didn't want an election but said that removing no deal as an option "hands control of negotiations to the EU"

He said in that case an election was the "only option" and the people could decide who negotiates for the UK with the EU.

Earlier he said the UK was leaving the EU on October 31.

He said: “There will be no further delay.”

He said he will not go back to Brussels to ask for any more delays.

Mr Johnson's motion under the Fixed Term Parliament act will need the support of two thirds of MPs in a vote.

It is not clear if he will ge the two thirds majority needed as Labour could decide not to back his motion.

Jeremy Corbyn, Labour leader, said he wants to get no to no deal in law first, before an election.

Earlier in the day Mr Johnson lost his working majority in Parliament when Tory MP Philip Lee crossed to the LibDems during the Prime Minister’s statement.

The SNP said they were in favour of a General Election.