BBC Ten O'Clock News viewers were treated to a moment of light relief on a day of high political drama after a person fell off their bike during a live report from Edinburgh.

The broadcaster's Scotland Editor Sarah Smith, who appeared to be oblivious to the events unfolding behind her, was reporting live from outside Holyrood when the hilarious moment happened.

During the footage, the hooded figure slowly enters the screen from the left-hand side before toppling into the pond outside the Scottish Parliament.

The man then quickly jumps straight back out the water and appears to laugh at the blunder. 

Viewers at home were quick to spot the gaffe, with many taking to social media to share the clip which has been shared thousands of times.

Andrew Trendall said: "You just see the lad on BBC live fall off his bike in Edinburgh? Highlight of this episode of Brexit so far."

Brian O'Boyle said: "Guy falling off his bike on BBC news in Edinburgh tonight was highlight of the day. Can hear him laughing afterwards."

Maisie Maytorr said: "kid falling off his bike live on BBC news really represents how British politics has been going the past few years"

Chris Salmon tweeted: "The lad falling off his bike behind the Scotland correspondent just brought some welcome light relief to BBC News At Ten. (He was up and walking by the end of the segment.)"

Lauren Emilie wrote: "Someone falling off their bike live on bbc news really just sums up the discussion about brexit😂"

Alex Orr commented: "Forget #Brexit did anyone else see the boy falling off his bike behind Sarah Smith on @BBCNews at 10? #BrexitClif"

After her live broadcast, Sarah Smith tweeted: "Perils of live broadcasting on a momentous night - watch for the cyclist coming in from the left"