THE Home Office said it is considering taking part in a drug death emergency summit in Glasgow.

The Evening Times called on the UK Government, Scottish Government and local councils to get together in the city to plan a response to the rising drug death toll to record levels.

We issued the call in response to the latest figures showing 280 deaths in Glasgow an increase of more than 40% and deaths in Scotland smashing through the 1000 barrier for the first time to more than 1100.

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The Scottish Government accepted the request and said it would seek to hold such a summit and Glasgow City Council said it would help facilitate and take part in an event.

We wrote to Sajid Javid the then Home Secretary to invite him to take part.

We also wrote to Boris Johnson when he was contesting the Tory leadership and again on becoming Prime Minister.

Mr Johnson’s Office in Downing Street responded to say our request was receiving attention.

The Home Office Drugs and Alcohol Unit has now replied stating: “The UK Government shares your concern about the significant challenges in Glasgow in relation to drug-related deaths and will continue to work together with the Scottish Government to tackle the problem.

“The UK Government is considering its attendance at the summit in Glasgow.”

It comes as the Evening Times published shocking pictures of drug addicts injecting in a wooded area close to Glasgow Green and Glasgow Cross.

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The Scottish Government has set up a drugs death task force headed by Professor Catriona Matheson of Stirling University to look at evidence and potential solutions to reducing the drug death totals.

It will investigate how a shift to a health-based approach can improve services.

Central to the shift in approach is the safe drugs consumption facility planned for Glasgow but which has been blocked by the Home Office by refusing to change the 1971 Drugs Act to allow illegal drugs on the site.