ONE OF Britain’s best novelists and a world-famous photographer are in the running to be crowned Greatest Glaswegian.

As the Evening Times continues its search for your favourite Glaswegian of all time, we can reveal that author Alistair MacLean and snapper Harry Benson are on the list.

Alistair MacLean, who was born and educated in the city, although he spent a great deal of his childhood in Daviot in the Highlands, wrote many popular thrillers of war and adventure, including The Guns of Navarone and Ice Station Zebra.

The supreme storyteller wrote 29 books, including HMS Ulysses which was based on his wartime service with the Royal Navy, and his novels sold millions of copies worldwide.

Many were made into popular films, including Where Eagles Dare and the Guns of Navarone, and he became known as a master of suspense.

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The Glasgow University graduate, who became an English teacher before he found fame as one of the country’s finest novelists, was just 64 when he died, a few weeks after suffering a stroke while visiting a friend in Munich.

Glasgow-born photojournalist Harry Benson has been effortlessly capturing the lives of the rich and famous on film for many decades.

He has photographed an impressive range of celebrities from the Beatles, mid-pillow fight, to Hollywood stars, leading lights of the business and arts worlds, and every US. president from Eisenhower to Barack H. Obama.

He was just feet away from Bobby Kennedy the night he was assassinated; in the room with Richard Nixon when he resigned; on the Meredith march with Martin Luther King, Jr; and he was there when the Berlin Wall went up, and came down.

He has a raft of honours and awards to his name, and he has had more than 40 gallery solo exhibitions around the world. Fourteen books of his photographs have been published and his work is in the permanent collections of galleries in the UK and US.

Over the summer we are revealing the names of 100 men and women who have put the city on the map through sport, science, politics, the arts and more.

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Most were born here, some moved here to work or study and have since made the city their own, opening the eyes of others around the world to its strengths and successes; and others have made such an impact on Glasgow that, despite having been born elsewhere, they are inextricably linked with the city, its people, culture and ideals.

Once all 100 have been announced, we will be opening our list up to a public vote.

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Two more contenders will be revealed tomorrow.