It was a dark and stormy Sunday, the end of the weekend was nigh and Tec looked off into the distance at the crooks and wheeler dealers he would have to deal with in just a few hours' time.

The Moll often avoided Tec on a Sunday, sullen and dreading starting the week off again, but this week was different, she was determined to get work off of his mind. Being a detective isn't, but he deserved a day to himself, she though.

After wasting most of the day away, she suggested they head out. After a grunt of indifference from Tec, Toots whisked him from his corner chair and watered down whiskey, insisting he get himself ready.

They did not go far. The Buick sat idly outside their home as they walked under Tec's giant umbrella as his overcoat dripped from the pounding rain.

As they approached the main road, they still had no destination in mind. Given the weather, it had to be somewhere close - Tec was impatient at the best of times, but tonight his mood was even poorer. Grabbing his hand, Cinders, thankfully not in glass slippers, fought through the ever-rising puddles to the outside of a bar with music pounding through the door.

They ducked into Phillies, the establishment in question, underestimating the noise they were about to deal with.

The Moll had heard good things, and the drinks options were also interesting, with a wide array of gins, wines and beers to choose from.

As they took their seats close to the window - and as far away as possible from the noise of the record players - they made their decision and ordered.

First up was some drinks, a pint of some fancy watermelon beer for Tec, and a 'perfect pour' gin for the Moll, whose glass appeared to be more fruit than alcohol. Nonetheless, she said the beverage was delightful, and could have stayed for many beyond the meal.

Food was similar, a wide variety of dishes to choose from, and in the end, the couple shared.

Coming all at the same time, they ordered three small plates from the menu - deciding on a confit duck leg, the signature fried chicken and a plate of ribs. All delicious - they alone would have been enough for one, but shared they were ideal as part of a meal.

Alongside these came a meaty pizza of Nduja and chorizo. The star of the show, the pizza was light and airy, with a rich topping, perfect to close the savouries before the couple closed the night by sharing a salty chocolate peanut tarte.

As Tec finished his meal, the last of his sad expression and dread for the week before faded away. Despite the over-reliance on noise for atmosphere, the delicious meal was more than enough to thaw Tec's icy Sunday night moods.


Chorizo & Nduja Pizza £8

3 small plates £14

Confit Duck Leg

Fried Chicken


Truffle & Parmesan Fries £3.50

Tarte £6


Craft beer £5.70

Bosford Gin £8

Total: £45.20

Food: ****

Atmosphere: **

Service: ***