Glasgow is the best city in the UK for retaining students beyond graduation, with a new study finding more than half remain.

The city's positive atmosphere and unique culture mean university graduates are staying beyond their studies.

The survey, carried out by student accommodation providers Liberty Living, found that 51 per cent found jobs locally after graduation, more than any other part of the UK.

According the the study, there are clear reasons why Glasgow is retaining its graduates.

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Those who recently left university were asked to rank various factors of their university experience, with 78 per cent rating the city’s culture as good or excellent, and 79 per cent saying the same for its atmosphere.

While more than a third chose to stay in Glasgow for family reasons, three in 10 identified their love for the city as their main reason for staying.

Those in the city have welcomed the news, saying it shows how attractive a place to live Glasgow is.

Council leader Susan Aitken said: “Glasgow is fortunate to have five internationally-renowned higher education institutions and a thriving college sector contributing enormously to the social and economic life of the city. This success is reflected in these figures.

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“Glasgow’s re-emergence as a city with thriving financial, technology, professional and life science sectors means that more than ever we retain our graduates.

“On top of this we can offer real liveability: vibrancy, vitality, culture, lifestyle and a reasonable cost of accommodation which means that Glasgow is a very attractive place to live, to work and to study.”

This feeling was echoed by the Chamber of Commerce, whose Chief executive Stuart Patrick said: "This is fantastic news.

"The reasons for a high student retention rate are many, and not all are career-related. They can extend to such as a burgeoning arts and social scene, an attractive living environment and an affordable cost of living – and Glasgow is scoring high on these factors.”

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The University of Glasgow's Rachel Sandison added: "The University of Glasgow is proud that so many of the city’s graduates decide to remain here. Glasgow is an amazing place to be a student and, just as importantly, a hub of opportunity for a diverse and successful career.

“We are a proud civic University that provides on-going support to our students after they graduate, so that they can continue on their world changing journeys.”

Top ten cities for student retention:

  1. Glasgow – 51%
  2. Edinburgh – 51%
  3. London – 47%
  4. Birmingham – 41%
  5. Leeds – 39%
  6. Sunderland – 39%
  7. Cambridge – 39%
  8. Newcastle – 36%
  9. Norwich – 33%
  10. Southampton – 32%