An Irish Republican Flute Band have addressed Loyalist protesters directly following last Friday’s riots in Govan.

Hundreds of officers, including riot cops, were deployed on Govan Road and Elder Park as chaotic scenes erupted when loyalist groups disrupted an Irish Unity march by the James Connolly Republican Flute Band.

But in part a lengthy statement addressing the violence, the republican group have now addressed the loyalists directly.

The band repeatedly say that they are not part of the IRA, and any idea that they are is a “fantasy”.


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But they do warn that if they are attacked, they “will defend ourselves and we will continue on”.

The statement on band’s Twitter reads: “We believe it is important to address Loyalists directly. Our message to you is this: How far do you want things to go? As a band we’ve marched in Scotland, Ireland and further afield.

“We’ve marched for decades in pursuit of our political objectives. We don’t hate Protestants despite what you’re raised to believe.”

The continue: “We are not the IRA despite what you’ve been told.

“During the height of the troubles in Ireland Republicans marched undeterred. Through the 70s, 80s and 90s facing violence on numerous occasions we’ve marched undeterred.

“If you attack us we’ll defend ourselves and we will continue on. Then what?

“Your fixation with this idea that you’re fighting the IRA is a fantasy. Whipped up by the media so they can sell papers. You should be asking yourself why an oil rich nation needs food banks. Why the Westminster government has continually let down Scottish communities including yours.

“You should organise yourselves politically. Or you can carry on being ignored by MPs while you’re distracted with the fantasy that you’re saving Britain from the IRA.”

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Their comments came ahead of two further Irish Republican marches this weekend.

The first march planned for Saturday is the Cairde na hEireann calton Republicans from Millroad Street in Calton to the La Pasionaria monument in Clyde Street leaving at 1.30pm.

The second march was organised by the Friends of Irish Republican Prisoners Welfare Association to take place from Blythswood Square at 3pm heading to Barrowland Park.

Two men were arrested, charged and released on bail following the incident and are due to appear at Glasgow Sheriff Court on October 1.

You can view the band’s full comments here.