A number of posters have been put up in north Glasgow warning locals about the dangers of street pills.

A rise in the drugs, often referred to as 'Blue Plague' or 'Fake Valium', has fuelled Scotland's drug death rate, which is now the worst for any nation in the world.

But a Glasgow community are hitting out against the worrying trend, putting up posters warning those against the pills - officially known as Etizolam.

Glasgow Times: 'Street Valium is Killing' posters in Milton'Street Valium is Killing' posters in Milton

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The stark warning 'Street Valium is Killing our Community' have been plastered on bus stops in Milton and the surrounding neighbourhoods.

They were shared online by community page No1Seems2Care, who wrote: "We are guessing whoever posted these may have lost a loved one so we commend them for their efforts.

"We believe the biggest danger with "Street Valium" is that they are NOT Valium or Diazepam.

"These pills can contain anything from nothing to animal tranquilliser to very potent benzodiazepines, such as Etizolam."

Glasgow Times: Fake valium pills have seen a surge in drug deathsFake valium pills have seen a surge in drug deaths

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The page continued: "In addition, the quality, dosage and potency of each pill and batch can vary from having little affect to being deadly.

"So users have no real way of knowing what they are consuming or measuring the dosage unlike any prescribed pills or pills purchases over the counter."

"So ‘Street Valium', 'blues' or 'scobies', which can also be white or yellow in colour are extremely dangerous and often deadly. Think about this carefully as it might be the last decision you make."