A CAMPAIGN with the back of Scotland's First Minister is underway to ensure firefighters are equipped to save family pets from burning homes.

Not-for-profit organisation Smokey Paws have struck a partnership with the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) to roll out unique oxygen therapy kits especially for animals.

Firefighters have always worked to resuscitate animals suffering from severe smoke inhalation – including adapting standard oxygen therapy kits used to treat people.

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But now, the specially designed kits have been put together to fit an animal's face and provide oxygen, meaning the lives of cats, dogs, and even ponies and reptiles, could be saved.

SFRS' local senior officer Paul Devlin has spearheaded the partnership.

He said: “The number one priority for firefighters is to save all life and we have seen on too many occasions the huge impact the loss of a beloved pet can have.

"In November 2015 there was a single Scottish community fire station in possession of one of these kits.

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"Three years on it is mind blowing to see first-hand the generosity of so many people and businesses in Scotland who have committed to nominate stations and then purchase kits for distribution to our front-line crews."

Smokey Paws founders Lynn Carberry and Brian Lockyer now want to ensure that every one of Scotland’s 356 fire stations has a kit.

Brian said: "When we discovered UK fire and rescue services did not carry lifesaving pet oxygen masks, we imported a set of oxygen masks from the USA and donated them to our local fire service.

"Three years on we are proud to have helped supply 2,900 sets but there are still over 900 fire engines in the UK without a Smokey Paws kit."