Renfrewshire Cab Company has been unsuccessful in its application for a booking office licence in Johnstone.

The area’s largest private hire taxi company was told it would not be granted a licence for premises at 21 High Street at Thursday’s Regulatory Functions Board.

The application had been met with 663 objections, around 20 of which were allowed to make their case at the board meeting at Renfrewshire House.

It is understood concerns were raised about the potential problems more taxis could cause in an already congested part of the town.

Tom Wallace, chairman of Johnstone Community Council, believes the decision made by the Regulatory Functions Board was the right one.

He said: “We had a representative there. We didn’t so much object as raise points of concern.

“We were concerned that’s a bad corner – there are cars parked right down to the edge of Dimity Street.

“You try to turn into that street and it’s like a single way road, when it’s in fact two way. We were concerned that taxis parking would cause a nightmare at that corner.

“In light of how we saw it, it was probably the right decision.”

At present there are two taxi firms who operate in the town, which are Johnstone TOA and Alpha Taxis.

However, Mr Wallace emphasised the community council had not taken a stance against the Renfrewshire Cab Company but instead the specific location in the High Street.

He added: “We don’t want to stop businesses in the town but that wasn’t a good placement for a taxi office because sooner or later someone would leave a taxi outside and you’re going round a vehicle to then go round a corner.

“We are happy with the result but we didn’t object to the business, just the placement.”

Renfrewshire Cab Company declined to comment on the decision.

Renfrewshire Council explained why the licence was not approved.

A spokesman said: “An application for a booking office licence in Johnstone was not approved by the Regulatory Functions Board as the board found the location of the proposed premises was not suitable.”