A police officer was injured by a flare thrown by protesters of an Irish Republican march in Glasgow yesterday as ten people were arrested during chaotic scenes in the city.

Hundreds of riot police were drafted in to deal with the Irish Republican group and their Loyalist counterparts as protesters gathered to reject the marches at Clyde Street and Blythswood Square.

Cops confirmed that over 1,000 people took part in the marches and protests as a whole and that ten were nicked for a variety of alleged offences.

Irish Republican march in Glasgow kicks off hour late amid 'IRA' chants as Loyalist protesters hurl abuse

One officer was rushed to hospital after being struck by a firework.

It is understood that officer's injuries are not life-threatening.

Assistant Chief Constable Bernard Higgins blasted the yobs for their "disgusting" behaviour.

He said: "We had significant resources deployed throughout Glasgow city centre as these public processions took place.

“The majority of those who took part in the processions listened to us and complied with our instructions. 

"A significant number of those who attended as part of the counter protests were intent on stopping the processions from taking place but were prevented from doing so by prompt and decisive police action.

“I am, however, disgusted at the recklessness and stupidity of those who decided to throw pyrotechnics, one of which injured an officer.

“He was simply carrying out a duty which allows us to facilitate people's rights and ultimately we were here today to keep everybody safe.

“We take the welfare of our officers very seriously and will be supporting him and his colleagues as he recovers and will continue in our work to trace those responsible.

“I utterly condemn any acts of violence and would like to thank officers and staff whose dedication and professionalism helped us successfully deliver a first-class policing operation on what was a very challenging day."

It comes as duelling "IRA" and "paedo scum" insults were traded as police on horseback kept the rivalling parties apart.

A police chopper was also out in force alongside hundreds of officers.

We told earlier how a man was arrested after allegedly being found with an offensive weapon on hand.

Marchers set off from Blythswood Square more than an hour after they were due to move following similar scenes from Clyde Street earlier in the day.