Students in Glasgow are to join thousands of climate strikers across the globe for a day of action later this month.

Thousands of youngsters, demanding that action is taken against the climate crisis, plan to march from Kelvingrove Park to George Square on September 20.

At the same time, similar groups across the UK and further afield will be doing the same in a "movement to change the future for the better."

But they are calling on everyone - not just young people - to join them to raise awareness of the "increasingly threatening" crisis.

Glasgow Times: School pupils take part in a climate strike outside HolyroodSchool pupils take part in a climate strike outside Holyrood

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An announcement for the march reads: "We've seen something astonishing happen in the past few months.

"All over Europe and the rest of the world, the youth have joined in unity to demand climate action from our governments.

"This level of international solidarity has never been seen before, and is resultant of the increasingly threatening nature of the climate crisis."

At least 2000 people are expected to march, leaving Kelvingrove Park at around 11.30am.

The post continues: "Now it's everyone else's turn. The climate crisis is a threat to everyone, not just us youths.

"So we call out for you to join us, no matter your age, race, profession or identity, and help us in our cause for definitive action to be taken against the climate crisis now.

"Only with solidarity can we overcome this problem. Be part of the movement to change the future for the better."

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A Facebook post, by the UK Student Climate Network, is urging "every town and city in the UK to make this the biggest climate mobilisation in history". 

It continues: "We've been taking to the streets every month since February to call on the government and those in positions of power to take the necessary steps to tackle the climate crisis and create a better world.

"Our movement is going from strength to strength, but we can't do this alone."