Three Glasgow restaurants have been recognised as having some of the UK's most 'bad-ass' burgers.

Bread Meats Bread, Dennistoun Bar B Que and Brel Bar are among 40 eateries across the country making the exclusive annual list by StagWeb.

The list celebrates some of the best burgers across the country, and also take the venue, atmosphere and service into consideration.

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But why did the judges choose these venues? Here's what they had to say:

Bread Meats Bread Glasgow

Feed me ’til I want no more… Bread Meats Bread is the closest you’ll get to heaven in Scotland because their burgers are to die for.

These award-winning creations have been recognised as some of the best burgers in the country by the industry experts so it would be remiss of us say otherwise.

But we went ahead and checked just in case and they are definitely correct.

Dennistoun Bar B Que

This family-run, independent BBQ joint in the heart of the city not only handmake all their burgers and smoke them using imported Texas oak, but they also craft their own artisan bread in small batches to guarantee freshness and guarantee quality.

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This attention to detail shines through with every bite and makes all those extra yards they put in worth every step. Keep on runnin’!

Brel Bar

This is the place to head on a sunny day. Actually, scrap that, this is the place to head full stop!

Brel Bar boasts an unparalleled beer garden, an impressive selection of beverages and a mouth-watering food menu which includes some flavour-packed, belly-busting burgers.

Round up the boys and get down there because this isn’t a place you’ll want to keep a secret.

You can view the full list here.