Fast and Furious star Tyrese Gibson was given a list of things that make Scotland great as he filmed the newest instalment of the franchise - with whisky and RANGERS making the cut.

Scenes from the blockbuster flick are being filmed in Edinburgh this week.

The actor fancied bringing together a group of local extras to share their favourite things about the country for his 11.1 million Instagram followers.


u say what? Nah he didn’t just say that set of #Fast9 Scotland

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And, dressed in kilts and holding bagpipes, a handful of his "loved ones" from set revealed their favourite things about Scotland.

Gibson asked: "Give me a one word answer what makes Scotland so great?"

One said: "Whisky."

Another added: "Safety."

One wrote: "Freedom."

A fourth fist-pumped: "Rangers!"

The final lad added: "Countryside."

The clip has been liked more than 67,000 times since it was posted.