A new trend is forming in Glasgow's cafe scene: the rise of the millenial pink cafe. 

Pink has been everywhere this year, hopping from the small screen to even Glasgow. With a small explosion of pink cafes in the city centre and the West End, it is only time before the pink craze hits the south side.

Glasgow Times: Louise Tierney, Owner of Pink Inc.Louise Tierney, Owner of Pink Inc.

Pink Inc. is the newest addition of pink cafes, opening a mere three weeks ago on Kilmarnock Road.

Owner Louise Tierney said the inspiration for Pink Inc. came to her after she went on a trip to London.

Glasgow Times:

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"For my 40th birthday my boyfriend and I decided to go to London and tour the flower cafes.

"They were beautiful but we thought that every cafe only had one or two spaces where you could get a good Instagram. When we came home we thought that we could do our own and make everything in it totally Instagramable, and so Pink Inc. was born!"

Pink Inc. truly is an Instagram-worthy experience. The hot pink walls are adorned with flowers and one side is a wall completely adorned with flowers. There is a handmade floral perfume bottle and a cherry blossom in the middle of the floor. 

Glasgow Times:

But Pink Inc. is not just style over substance: there is an extensive range of baked goods, from vegan and gluten free tray bakes, to healthy pink drinks with cardammon and botanicals, afternoon tea and cakes, cupcakes and blondies. Last week the Nutella cake sold out. 

Glasgow Times:

"We want to make sure that Pink Inc. has something for everyone, so we have a range of gluten free and even vegan cakes" said Louise.

"Everyone can enjoy pink - it's not just for girls, but boys too. Kids love it in here but it's for anyone of any age - we have one customer who comes to work in the cafe with her laptop. 

Glasgow Times:

"I love the colour pink and I thought, why do I have to leave my love for that in my childhood? Anyone can love the colour pink no matter what age they are."

So, if you live on Glasgow's South Side and need a bit of colour in your life - why not make at a shade of pink? 

Glasgow Times: