WE are kicking off year nine of Streets Ahead with more grants for fantastic city initiatives.

The sum of £250 has been awarded to Glasgow Women’s Library, staff and volunteers, who have teamed up with pupils from nearby Hampden School and the Royal Horticultural Society to create the museum’s first garden space on Landressy Street.

RHS has also provided funding for the project, which welcomed Hampden students in to design the space and plant sunflowers and a selection of other plants.

Hampden is a non-denominational, multicultural school which caters for children who have additional support needs, whether through having a physical impairment, a specific medical condition, autism spectrum disorder or other complex learning difficulty.

GWL’s Lifelong Learning admin assistant Emily Ilett said: “This is wonderful news - we are all really pleased and it will help our garden so much.”

Greenacres Helping Hands will receive a grant of £800 to support its raft of projects transforming some of Darnley’s community areas.

“We are so thankful to the Evening Times for this grant, which will allow us to do so much more for our area and maintain the great work that’s been done so far,” said chairperson Rob Menzies.

To get a copy of the Streets Ahead funding application form, please email