HOUSING bosses have reached another milestone in plans to transform living conditions in Govanhill.

A total of 300 properties have now been purchased by Govanhill Housing Association as part of the South West Govanhill buy and repair programme.

It comes at the half-way point of the four year scheme to purchase then improve some of the poorest quality flats in the area.

Association chairwoman Annie Macfarlane said "It’s really encouraging that the initiative has reached the milestone of 300 property acquisitions, and that we are continuing to make progress in undertaking the required improvements and bringing more properties into the social rented sector.

"Addressing the issues that exist in South-West Govanhill requires a long-term, co-ordinated approach.

"That said, we are starting to see the results of our efforts.

"In particular, the Association taking over the factoring of unmanaged and problematic closes has made a visible and real difference to the quality of life for the residents."

All 300 of flats will be renovated and then offered for social rent by the Association, increasing the supply of much needed affordable homes in the area.

So far, the Association has improved and let more than 160 homes with another 120 properties currently being renovated.

The project is supported by the Scottish Government and Glasgow City Council.

Housing Minister Kevin Stewart said: "Congratulations to Govanhill Housing Association on reaching this important milestone with their acquisition and repair programme.

"Bringing back 300 properties into the social rented sector will improve the lives of the residents, contribute to the overall regeneration of the area and help to empower the community."