REGENERATION experts have challenged Glasgow City Council to “rethink” their strategy to allow local high streets to thrive in the near future.

The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) says that local authority should continue the good work already underway at High Street and Saltmarket and allow local businesses to move into buildings across the city at a lower rate.

Local businesses in Glasgow’s East End are also calling for action to be taken to encourage more people to take over empty businesses.

It comes has Shettleston councillor Thomas Kerr plans to present a motion at full council this Thursday asking the administration to support the Conservative “Save our High Streets” campaign which would see business rates cut and planning restrictions freed up in town centres.

Figures released earlier this year show that two stores shut down every week in 2018. The FSB says every part of the city should benefit from regeneration plans not just the centre.

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Hisashi Kuboyama, FSB’s Development Manager for Glasgow, said: “The upcoming debate about high streets will give Councillors the opportunity to put forward their ideas for regenerating areas as diverse as Shettleston, Shawlands and Scotstoun.

“At FSB, we believe a fundamental rethink is required to ensure all corners of the city have a sustainable and prosperous future – and not just the city centre.

“The council should build on the good work already underway in the High Street and Saltmarket area and enable local businesses across the city to move into long-term empty buildings at a discounted rate.”

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Local businessman Fred Dunlop, who owns Dunlop’s Auto Shop, in Shettleston believes people parking all day in the main road is off putting for potential business owners.

He said: “It is very simple. Too many people are parking on Shettleston Road during the week and nobody gives them a parking fine. People are not wanting to take over a shop if they can’t get parked.

“Some of the shop fronts could do with a new coat of paint as they are not very attractive to look at.”

Councillor Kerr will ask members to back his motion at tomorrow’s meeting.