Cost of marches

A TOTAL of £300,000 to police the weekend marches.

How much of a cost are the marches to shops, pubs and restaurants?

Another nail in the coffin of business as more people are driven out to out-of-town shopping malls.

It’s time the council got its act together before the city becomes a ghost town.

J Giudici, via email

Enough is enough

SURELY, the city shopkeepers have had enough – what with charity runs, marathons, half marathons, bike races and Santa runs.

Glasgow Council is very “generous” at allowing these to occur for charitable purposes but do they give shopkeepers a rates “rebate” as compensation for lost revenue as shoppers avoid the city on these occasions.

Now it’s marches, which appear to be religious led and sadly for the wrong reasons.

I suggest that if these people have the “right” to march, then the Council should give them somewhere like Glasgow Green where they can march round all day with their followers/supporters in attendance and no threat to city shoppers

Name and address supplied

Three years for a deal

The UK Parliament has had three years to negotiate a deal with the EU.

One was negotiated and Parliament rejected it three times and the EU has made it explicitly clear it’s not up for renegotiation.

What the opposition parties are doing just now by trying their hardest to thwart Brexit is undemocratic to say the least with the SNP basking in the mayhem pointing their fingers, saying look, the Tories are in disarray and pretending to be outraged.

Whilst the Labour Party, some of whom have been the biggest critics of the EU and with a leader who was most certainly anti-EU and the first to demand David Cameron implement article 50 with immediate effect, has made Parliament a laughing stock.

John Martin, Glasgow