GLASWEGIANS have changed the world. But who is the greatest of all time?

Over the last two months, the Evening Times has been profiling 100 of our most impressive citizens, who have helped to put the city on the map through the arts, science, politics, sport and more.

Most were born in the city, others came here to make their mark, and all have helped to spread the word about Glasgow.

Now it is over to you.

We want you to tell us who should be number one. The public vote is open now. All you have to do is visit the website  and click on the name or face of the person you think should be crowned Greatest Glaswegian.

Perhaps you are a fan of some of our city’s great entertainers, such as Billy Connolly, Lulu or Stanley Baxter, or in awe of sporting legends like Alex Ferguson and Kenny Dalglish?

Maybe you believe one of the many inspirational entrepreneurs and charity champions who hail from Glasgow – such as global grocery guru Sir Thomas Lipton or Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus Scotland leading light Dr Margo Whiteford, should take the honour? 

Or what about the suffragettes, Agnes Dollan and Helen Crawfurd, women who blazed a trail for the generations who came after them?  

Glasgow has been home to its fair share of trailblazers – Nobel Prize-winning chemist Lord Alexander Todd, the UK’s first female lawyer, Madge Easton Anderson and Andrew Watson, the first black footballer to play at the top of the Scottish game, to name but a few.

Even a few fictional characters, who have nevertheless helped to explain and celebrate our city, warts and all, across the globe, made it on to the list – Still Game’s Jack and Victor, for example; Calton Creek sheriff Lobey Dosser.

Let us know who you think should top the list – voting is open until 5pm on Wednesday, September 18.

Our 100 contenders:

1. Lulu
2. Billy Connolly
3. Robert Carlyle
4. Elaine C Smith
5. Alex Ferguson
6. Kate Cranston
7. Jim Kerr
8. Alison Sheppard,
9. Isabella Ure Elder
10. Clare Grogan
11. George Parsonage
12. Margo Whiteford
13. Kenny Dalglish
14. Walter Smith
15. William Burrell
16. Betty McAllister
17. Helen Crawfurd
18. Elish Angiolini
19. Rab C Nesbitt
20. Lobey Dosser
21. Charles Rennie Mackintosh
22. Maggie Bell
23. Mark Knopfler
24. Marion Gilchrist
25. Edwin Morgan
26. Jean Donnachie and Noreen Real
27. Jack and Victor
28. Maggie McIver
29. Alex Harvey
30. Catherine Carswell
31. John Macdonald
32. Dorothy Paul
33. John Maclean
34. Winnie Ewing
35. Stanley Baxter
36. Agnes Dollan
37. Thomas Lipton
38. Jean Roberts
39. Jimmy Reid
40. Deborah Kerr
41. Bill Martin
42. Susan Baird
43. Andy Robertson
44. Alexander Watson Hutton
45. Madge Easton Anderson
46. Hannah Frank
47. Alasdair Gray
48. Carol Ann Duffy
49. Peter Capaldi
50. Muriel Robertson
51. Andrew Watson
52. Mary Barbour
53. Donald Dewar
54. The Glasgow Girls
55. Craig Armstrong
56. Molly Weir
57. Amer Anwar
58. Lilias Graham
59. Tony Osoba
60. Margaret Macdonald Mackintosh
61. Taggart
62. Francie and Josie
63. Winnie Drinkwater
64. Nora Wattie
65. James MacMillan
66. Susan Wighton
67. Charan Gill
68. Anne Gilmore
69. Robert Stevenson
70. Lorraine Kelly
71. Humza Yousaf
72. Sheila Halley
73. Bill Forsyth
74. Cara Henderson
75. Andy Murray
76. Mary Hepburn
77. Thomas Graham
78. Katherine Grainger
79. Joseph Lister
80. Eileen McCallum
81. Johnny Beattie
82. Dinah Pearce
83. Allan Pinkerton
84. Anna Murphy
85. Sanjeev Kohli
86. Sharleen Spiteri
87. John Anderson
88. Adele Patrick
89. Mary Mcarthur
90. Eunice Murray
91. Gordon Jackson
92. Beatrice Clugston
93. Lord Willie Haughey
94. Janey Buchan
95. Alistair MacLean
96. Harry Benson
97. Lord Alexander Todd
98. Jessie Stephen
99. Bessie Johnston
100. Alexander Greek Thomson