Two police officers walked free today after being cleared of falsifying evidence.

John Donaldson, 38 and Tyne McClymont, 23, were accused by Mohammed Yusaf Khan, 37, of “making up lies” about his family. 

The pair were found not guilty today at Glasgow Sheriff Court.

Both officers wept as they were cleared of all charges and a sherif said that Mr Khan's evidence was rehearsed and unreliable.

Constable Donaldson was also cleared of acting in a in a racially aggravated manner at the Khan house.

The court that police arrived at Mr Khan’s Cambuslang house in December 2015 to speak to his brother Omar about an incident.

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Omar wasn’t in the house and Mr Khan told a sheriff that he felt “threatened” by Constable Donaldson.

Mr Khan claimed: “He said ‘I could arrest you and take the kids to social services’.”

Mr Khan also claimed his other brother Imran was dragged out the house by the two officers.

He called the police during the incident and the call was played to the court.

Mr Khan confirmed he said “They are actually beating my brother” and when asked who, said “the police”.

The court heard he was asked by the operator what all the screaming and shouting is, and said that it was the police.

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This was denied by the officers who claimed it was Mr Khan who was aggressive towards them.

Donaldson was later taken to hospital with an injury to his groin and reported he had been kneed.

The court heard Mr Khan’s other brother Sheban tried to pull McClymont into his house shouting “we need to keep her.”

Mr Khan was then arrested himself for his behaviour.

It was claimed the officers provided information to Police Scotland and the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service (COPFS) that was “false or materially misleading” about members of the Khan family.

But, today Sheriff Gerard Bonnar cleared the officers of any wrongdoing.

He said he believed that Khan’s evidence was rehearsed and unreliable. 

Clapping was heard in the public gallery when the not guilty verdict was read out by Sheriff Bonnar.

Both officers cried as they left the court room surrounded by friends and family.